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Finding the Money: New Realities for Ontario’s Broader Public Sector

Finding the Money: New Realities for Ontario’s Broader Public Sector At OPTIMUS | SBR, we regularly keep an eye on public sector developments for our clients. With a new Ontario government, there has been no shortage of new developments, so we have put together this briefing for our Ontario Transfer Payment Agency (TPA) and Broader […] continue reading >

Terri Lohnes joins OPTIMUS | SBR as the new Leader of the Health Care and Not-for-Profit Group

We are proud to announce that Terri Lohnes has joined OPTIMUS | SBR as the new Leader of our Health Care and Not-for-Profit Group. Terri brings 20 years of health care, public sector and non-profit experience to our organization, with proven success in executing major initiatives in both small and large organizations spanning a variety […] continue reading >

A New Idea for Managing the Fund Development Process

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are designed to typically manage an organization’s interactions with its customers or clients in support of sales and service-related processes. While nonprofits do not typically sell products or services, they do nurture relationships with individuals – donors, funders, or sponsors – in order to solicit contributions and commitments – donations, […] continue reading >

Why the Move to a Chequeless Society Should be Embraced by All

Canada, like much of the world, has undergone dramatic change in its payment landscape over the past three decades. Perhaps the best illustration of this transformation is the displacement of cheques by electronic alternatives as the primary non-cash payment method. Increasingly, Canadians are using a variety of electronic payment mechanisms, from traditional debit and credit […] continue reading >

OPTIMUS | SBR and Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare Embark on Strategic Planning Process

As reported on, KGI, a division of OPTIMUS | SBR, and Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare will be embarking on the development of a new strategic plan to guide the organization for the next three to five years. The review and incorporation of feedback from stakeholders that are directly impacted by the services provided by the organization is a critical element […] continue reading >

Management Consulting Bounces Back

The Economist recently published an article about the Consulting Industry which we thought was an interesting take on what is happening in the market right now. And, although the article seems to take a bit of a cynical view of the industry, it is an interesting analysis none-the-less. The most interesting point for us at OPTIMUS | SBR is that […] continue reading >