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Internal vs. External Project Communication – Mitigating Risk

Many organizations place a lot of emphasis on communicating with external project stakeholders, and rightly so. They set up formal project communications teams which create detailed communication strategies, plans, and deliverables that go through extensive review and approval processes. While this type of communication is very important, one must not forget internal project communications—the sharing […] continue reading >

Four Key Change Management Components of Successful Project Management Offices

Many organizations undertake initiatives to implement a Project Management Office (PMO) due to the commonly associated benefits such as cost reductions and on time delivery, but many find that the mere physical establishment of the PMO did not resolve their issues. Often organizations hire a few project managers, call the department a PMO, and expect […] continue reading >

Calm the Chaos: A Closer Look at the Portfolio Management Approach

You’ve seen it before, when multiple projects need to be completed, energy is high and people are eager but the environment is unorganized chaos. In this situation communication breaks down, milestones fall through the cracks, and budgets are blown. Project Management Offices (PMOs) can eliminate many of these issues and deliver much needed structure, but […] continue reading >