MBA Student Discusses His Internship Experience With OPTIMUS | SBR

Over the next few months we will be featuring some of our employees in a series of people profiles where our employees describe their experience working for OPTIMUS | SBR in their own words. 

OPTIMUS | SBR People Profile: Brian PutreBrian-Putre - Featured

Brian Putre joined OPTIMUS | SBR as an MBA Co-op student at Wilfrid Laurier University.  He worked at OPTIMUS | SBR from January to August 2011 and has returned to school to finish his MBA.

What originally made you want to start working with OPTIMUS | SBR?

I initially heard about the opportunity for a Marketing Internship at OPTIMUS | SBR through my university’s career network.  There were many other marketing positions listed for co-op students at the time, but this one stood out to me from all the rest because I would be joining OPTIMUS | SBR in January 2011, just two months removed from a three company merger.  I saw this role as an excellent opportunity to experience an organization at such an

exciting time in its development.  And given the size of the business, I really felt like I would be given a great opportunity to help build out the new OPTIMUS | SBR communications strategy.  Furthermore, I saw this role as good exposure to the consulting industry, which was important given that I was considering consulting as a possible career path.

Following a successful interview, I began to get ready for my internship, which was set to run for four months until the end of April.  On my first day, I was introduced to everyone around the office and I was briefed on what I would be working on for the next four months.

What do you think is the best thing about working for OPTIMUS | SBR?

My role consisted mainly of online marketing initiatives, including (but not limited to) the Insights Blog, website development, and social media management.  It looked like it would be an interesting experience!  It was also clear to me right from the first week that I would be given a lot of responsibility with respect to both the strategic development and the implementation of marketing initiatives, and that there was ample room for me to show initiative.  Throughout the course of my employment, there was never a dull moment…  there was always something to do!

How did working at OPTIMUS | SBR enhance your career?

The skills I feel I best got to develop were my creative thinking and communication skills, as many of my projects involved the creation of online content.  In addition to this, I was presented with many networking opportunities as I attended events with my career manager at the Toronto Board of Trade and the American Marketing Association.  Overall, I feel that my experience at OPTIMUS | SBR has lived up to my high expectations and was excellent for my career development.  Upon the completion of my work term, I resumed my studies full-time, but continued to work for OPTIMUS | SBR part-time until August.  Although I am still undecided on a particular career path, this co-op experience has helped me develop a greater appreciation for marketing and has motivated me to further my knowledge of marketing and website development through getting involved as the Director of Administration with Wilfrid Laurier University’s Net Impact Chapter.

What’s the best part of working for OPTIMUS | SBR?

All in all, I would have to say that the best thing about working at OPTIMUS | SBR was the people.  I imagined that the merger would pose a challenge in the sense that it can take considerable time to unite multiple cultures under one roof.  However, I’ve found that OPTIMUS | SBR was able to build a strong corporate culture fairly quickly, in part through uniting everyone in their common interest about the move into the colourful new office space at 30 Adelaide East. You could tell that the move gave new life to everyone in the office.  The strong culture was also reflected in the considerable number of social events open to all employees regardless of their department or role.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining OPTIMUS | SBR?

My advice to future hires is “don’t be shy!”  Especially in a consulting organization like OPTIMUS | SBR, people come from all kinds of different backgrounds and each individual offers a unique set of skills and experiences.  The more you get to know everyone, the more you will learn, the better friendships you will develop, and the more fulfilling the overall experience will be.