OPTIMUS | SBR Managing Director Answers Business Questions in The Globe and Mail


Picture of hand holding Help Buttons“Do we want to grow really fast, or do we want to have it be somewhat of a lifestyle[-friendly] type of business?” That was one of the questions Kurt Goodjohn posed to the Globe and Mail about whether or not his modular home business should expand or not. OPTIMUS | SBR’s Managing Director, Kevin Gauci, was called upon to offer his take on what Mr. Goodjohn should do in the Report on Business column that connects experts to business owners.

For Kevin, the question Mr. Goodjohn needs to ask is what do we want this company to look like in the future? How will the company be perceived in the eyes of others? Once those questions have been answered, then the company can figure out what steps they need to take to get there.

To read Kevin’s full response, check out the “B.C. brothers’ sleek, modular homes have Lego appeal” article  on the Globe and Mail’s website.