OPTIMUS | SBR Portfolio Lead Shares His Experiences in Consulting

This is the next post in our new and continuing Our People series of blog posts where our employees describe what it is like to work for OPTIMUS | SBR in their own words.

OPTIMUS | SBR People Profile: Adrian Biafore

Adrian - FeaturedAdrian Biafore is a Portfolio Lead for OPTIMUS | SBR. He has over 10 years’ experience in leading cross-functional client and 3rd-party vendor teams to implement award winning enterprise-wide system solutions, process and organizational redesign, and outcome-based Board-level, Executive and Management reporting improvement initiatives. He originally joined SBR Global in 1999 in the Proposals & Marketing unit after returning to Toronto from grad school at the Royal Military College. In 2003, 2 years after he left SBR Global, he joined Optimus Consulting Group and has been with OPTIMUS | SBR ever since.

If you want to meet Adrian, he will be a speaking as a panelist at the ProjectWorld Conference in Toronto on Monday, May 14th, 2012. Here’s a little about his experience working at OPTIMUS | SBR, in his own words:

What originally made you want to start working with OPTIMUS | SBR?

A short attention span, an enjoyment of variety, and a disdain for doing the same thing day in and day out is what drew me to management consulting in general. The Managing Director at SBR Global is what kept me there, but after a few years I knew it was time to move on. The camaraderie, trust, loyalty and belief in “our way” of consulting which I developed and benefited from as a result of going through that shared experience with Joe Oppedisano and Kevin Gauci is what brought me back to Optimus Consulting Group in 2003 and keeps me at OPTIMUS | SBR to this day.

What do you think has changed since the merger?

What’s become most apparent to me is the breadth and depth of our capabilities and offering, and the efficiency with which we can truly address our various clients’ needs across multiple industry sectors and market segments.

What have you gained from working at OPTIMUS | SBR? How has it improved your career?

I came to term my time at SBR Global as my “Real Life” MBA. Grad school was the theory, and in my case the theory of Military Strategy, Operations and Tactics; and SBR Global put that theory into practice. What I gained most from my time with Optimus Consulting Group was the opportunity to work very closely and directly with senior executives and business leaders to hone my skills in the development, packaging and communication of consulting solutions for an executive client, and the opportunity to cut my teeth on some basic principles of relationship and account management. What I’ve gained from working at the new OPTIMUS | SBR is the deepening of those relationship and account management skills, and broadening my staff management skills from that of pure project resource management to people and career management of functional reports. The best thing about OPTIMUS | SBR in my opinion now is that as a consulting leader, you have access to an end-to-end staff leadership, project management and client relationship management experience.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining OPTIMUS | SBR?

If you’re looking for an opportunity in management consulting; whether you’re right out of school, or making a career transition, OPTIMUS | SBR is the place to be. It’s truly unlike any other management consulting experience you can find.

OPTIMUS | SBR employees display a Bold Attitude that sets us apart. What does having a Bold Attitude mean to you?

Challenging people to think and approach the way they do things differently, and possessing the confidence in yourself and your team to do so.

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