Governance & Leadership


If the future of a business is driven by vision, then effective governance and leadership is the most crucial element to its success. Unfortunately, when problems exist at the upper levels of the organization, it is difficult to avoid sending unclear signals to the rest of the company. In many instances, issues at the executive level manifest themselves in other ways; strategic planning becomes reactive and uninspired, financial management is protective of the status quo, and employee engagement suffers. Leadership looks for new management to fix the visible issues but the underlying problems persist.

OPTIMUS | SBR has deep experience partnering with boards and executive committees to govern more effectively and lead with excellence.

Our solutions include:

  • Board Retreats
  • Executive Coaching
  • Facilitation Services
  • Accountability Mapping
  • Team Building & Development
  • Executive Recruiting & Placement
  • Executive Testing & Evaluation

The OPTIMUS | SBR Governance and Leadership Advantage

Our advantage stems from our ability to understand the organization as a whole and the surrounding competitive landscape. We recognize that the difference between a good leadership approach strategy and a great one often lies in how well goals align with organizational capabilities.

At OPTIMUS | SBR, our proven methodologies help leaders to align and prioritize programs and policies to overall business strategy. In addition, we know the keys that help drive strong executive performance and sound leadership, helping them to align cross-functional objectives to corporate goals and priorities. Using this power of alignment, your company will have an effective, lasting system that accelerates both organizational and individual performance.