Process Improvement


Often times business processes are clunky and cluttered with undocumented elements that only a handful of people are aware of. Quick fixes are typically applied to address point-in-time issues, but plans to develop a permanent solution are not made a priority. Eventually these processes become so complex that the original purpose is lost, a problem that is further exasperated when key employees leave the organization.  Cracks in the foundation of the most critical processes suddenly become much more apparent and costs to develop necessary solutions can quickly multiply.

Efficient and effective processes greatly contribute to operational effectiveness. Organizations are better prepared for changes in their respective environments and are equipped to quickly respond to shifts in the market.

By providing process improvement services, OPTIMUS | SBR can assist your organization to achieve greater operating efficiencies and improve margins.

Our solutions include:

  • Current State Situation Assessment
  • Process Documentation & Redesign
  • Gap & Issue Identification & Analysis
  • Systems & Network Review & Analysis
  • Process Methodology & Tools Training
  • Process Facilitation Support
  • LEAN and Six Sigma Services

The OPTIMUS | SBR Process Improvement Advantage

OPTIMUS | SBR’s proven process improvement approach drives innovative change in your business. Our customized solutions are tailored to your strategy, organizational structure, and existing resources and capabilities. Our process experts leverage best practices to deliver feasible process improvements that maximize the productivity of all resources in order to drive operational excellence and achieve sustainable and long-term growth.

From general process assessments and detailed mapping and documentation, through to organization reviews and redesign, our responsive, execution-focused approach will enable your organization to streamline value creation.