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Three Reasons Why You Should “Like” Social Media

Facebook isn’t just for looking up your high school friends anymore. The social network can be a powerful ally in your strategic planning initiatives. Eliciting input from stakeholders is a fundamental component of the strategic planning process and organizations have traditionally sought out this input through public meetings, surveys and one-on-one conversations with key individuals. […] continue reading >

Organizational Cultures and Individual Behaviour

Thinking of making a major move? Successfully joining, managing, buying, partnering or merging with an organization depends on a great many factors. Indeed, aligning the different forces and communities within any organization is a complicated task. We are often tempted to focus on the factors that have immediately measurable dollar values, but intangibles are often […] continue reading >

A New Alchemy: Non-Market Factors and your Strategic Plan

How do you harness Non-Market factors? Anyone in Ontario taking advantage of the province’s “Feed-in Tariff” has an answer. But while most people can name a host of Market Factors that shape business strategy, including saturation, maturity, fragmentation, etc., the mention of Non-Market Factors (regulation, public pressure, etc.) often draws blank stares. Market Factor Strategies […] continue reading >