OPTIMUS | SBR is a Toronto-based management consulting firm that provides advisory services customized to address strategy, process, and project management needs to leading firms across North America.

Our functional practice areas include strategy, process, project management, leadership development, research and analytics, and implementation support among a range of various other consulting services.

Choice Tools.

We have developed a series of best practices from years of consulting experience, including flagship innovative tools such as the Accountability Framework® System and Value-Based Measurements.  These best practices form the base of our strategic approach, which we then customize to address the needs of our clients. The result is a fully customized solution designed to provide maximum value.

Precision Aim.

Our consultants are able to leverage their deep industry expertise to partner with clients to quickly identify the root of the issue and apply practical solutions that deliver impactful results. Our streamlined approach means there is no wasted effort, maximizing the output of the engagement.

Bold Attitude.

Our consultants demonstrate a ‘Bold Attitude’ meaning they dig deeper for answers, take intelligent risks, and take ownership in their roles. We have an organization of talented people striving to continually improve their capabilities, methods and knowledge, leading to better outcomes for our clients.

This ‘Bold Attitude’ has also aided us in achieving industry recognition. OPTIMUS | SBR has been named for the fourth year in a row as one of the Fastest-Growing Companies in the Greater Toronto Area and in Canada  by the PROFIT 500, Canada’s largest annual celebration of entrepreneurial achievement. As well, in 2015 we were named the Fastest-Growing Professional Services Company in Canada. We are also pleased to be recognized as a Best Small and Medium Employer in Canada and the Greater Toronto Area for four consecutive years.